ISP download caps, perfect method to stop file-swapping?

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im not paying good money for poeple to tell me how much i can download or what aplications i can connect to the internet with Fascist Nazis Dictators thay make me:r and :frowning:

My gay ass ISP (Zoom Internet) gives me a pathetic 64KB/s downstream and 32KB/s upstream. If they start restricting ports (they already block 21 + 80, no web or ftp servers allowed) and also cap my download limit per month I would be so fucking pissed. The speed is bad enough and the price ($40/month) is just absolutely wrong for the speed. They are the ONLY broadband solution where I live (DSL not available) so its almost like a damn monopoly so I, along with many others, get ripped off. My girlfriend’s college actually has ALL ports blocked so she can only do simple web surfing and downloading via HTTP and FTP and thats it! That really sucks because when I am there, 450-500KB/s is just great…if only I could get that on the eDonkey2000 network :stuck_out_tongue:

Everyone cancel your service and go with dialup for a little while… When their user base drops they will be giving their service away!

If you don’t like this idea, then make them change by flexing your $. Companies will change very, very quickly when the customers start hitting them in the pocket book. Don’t put up with sub-par service. If your broadband service provider isn’t giving you what you want, the switch ISPs or move back to dialup for a while.

we have it here from the start already :wink: 10Gb/month with some decent organisation it isn’t too bad after all :wink: get your friends and divide =) divide and conquer :wink:

If you download a lot, then your ISP will be happy to see you unsubscribe. Of course, it depends upon their data costs and the subscription fee they charge. If an ISP introduces d/l caps and simultaneously offers budget plans then they will effectively be nullifying the effect of their undesirable customers (leechers) while attracting new good customers. While this is certainly bad for most of us addicts, it makes perfect business sense.

They are only capping so they can start charging people more money to use the internet. What’s the purpose of businesses trying to sell there movies on the internet if people who d/l movies they to buy or rent will be paying extra for the bandwith they use? They know almost everyone is downloading a lot of stuff and just want a way to increase there prices while trying to look like they give a shit about peeps getting illegal stuff. If everyone obeyed the law the internet would go out of business and a lot of computer hardware would still be sitting on the stores shelves. :o

i live in the NYC area, Time Warner Cable (my cable provider also my ISP) gives me 1.5 Mb Downstream and 400kb up. Im a big bandwidth hog and proud of it too :P If TWC would put any kind of caps i would switch ISPs but what if they would all do that at the same time? Dial-Up is not an option 4 me.

now you know the importance of not letting monopolies happen.(i.e. microsoft, riaa, mpaa etc.):frowning:

FUCK all ISPs that do this!!! ISPs should learn to stay loyal to their customers. We are the ones who are keeping them in business. If it were’nt for MP3 downloaders, a lot of ISPs would go bankrupt.

Here in Australia i have cable (Optus Cable) and the download limit is 3 Gb, for 70 AUD ($35) and that really piss me off, but no choice, ALL Australian ISP have dl limits…such shitty place for Internet :r :r

There is no point in broadband if you can’t swap files and pictures at will. If they do this they will reduce the interent to just email. Everyone can just go back to dial-up.

Yah, unfortunately it is true. Working for the “enemy” sucks, but I can validate there are going to be major changes in the industry. :c

"Here in Australia i have cable (Optus Cable) and the download limit is 3 Gb, for 70 AUD ($35) and that really piss me off, but no choice, ALL Australian ISP have dl limits…such shitty place for Internet :r " But look at in on the other hand 30MB/day for online gaming = 900MB /mnth, then you have room to download 3 cd’s worth of MP3 and pirate warez. Maybe try TPG :7, or other ISP’s, that offer different plans which will give you about 10GB/$90au/mnth and faster transfer rates, instead of the major players :8 like telstra :r and optus :r.

Well, I’m with Optus and my downloads used to be limited by the average user. You were given a netstat figure based on what the average user (minus top and bottom 5%) downloaded over a rolling 14day period. If you downloaded 8 times what the average user did then you got a warning. 10 got you thrown off of the network. The idea being that you were being such a hog as described above. I think this is a much more practical and reasonable solution to capping. I am still on a similar system, but due to the fact that not many other users would be left in order to create a reasonable average it is now fixed at 1,120MB over any rolling 14 day period. This means 10x1,120MB in 14days to get booted which is around 22gigs per month… Costs me around $65AUD and I do around 10-15Gigs probably.

If this happens then Comcast will be going out of business. The only reason I got broadband was so I could download off Napster. If they ever put a cap on my usage then I’ll be going back to dial-up.

Celtic_druid what are you going to do when Optus “gets you” and put you to the crap “3 Gb limit”? i was on Netstats too, and it was beautiful, speed, reasonably priced, no dl limit…BASTARDS!Of course i’ve already bought an ADSL modem to switch with IINET, and thats what a lot of people are going to do as soon as they finish the netstats time. F*** Optarse!!! :r :r :r

Not much different up (over?) in Canada. Just spent almost a year in the province of Ontario. 5GB Up, 5GB Down. Moved home to the province of Nova Scotia, ~GB, but max 128Kbps down, and 64kbps up. The Nova Scotia ADSL has said no limit, just speed restrictions. I’ll take that anyday over the Ontario limits. It takes only 20-25 hours of Quake 3 to eat up 5GB.

Here in Australia i have cable (Optus Cable) and the download limit is 3 Gb, for 70 AUD ($35) and that really piss me off, but no choice, ALL Australian ISP have dl limits…such shitty place for Internet :r Yeah,my friends are in Aus and broadband @ Aus is nightmare.They are all capitalist pig dog :r . Aus is in digital “STONE” age :r But it’s not happen in Canada :4 … SHAW ROCKSSSSSS