ISP does not have to disclose file sharers

A German court has refused to order ISPs to hand over user details to the music industry. The incident is not the first in Germany, and follows the opinion of a European Court of Justice Advocate-General backing the stance.

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The basis for the ruling appears to be that it is a civil offence and not criminal unless undertaken for profit. :clap: Common sense prevails for once.
European file sharers can relax for the moment!

I’ll say…great stuff :clap:

Wasn’t this in another news thread?

Either way, it’s the proper ruling; the ISP’s only duty (aside from providing service based on a EULA) is not to be a ‘watchdog’: of course, if there’s hacking or infringement, a notice of some kind is supposed to be sent to the provider in question, and the user is to get a warning. I’d read several other company’s EULAs and found they needed about 3 offenses to suspend service and even then it had to be proven (usually hacking offenses). So to ask an ISP to monitor file sharing and to watch for it is bunk.

Not to mention the CPU cycles required to scan every single packet that goes through the ISP for every known content protected piece of work … and the frustration for users that have legitimately purchased & are downloading said content.

FFS … what sort of idiot proposes this bull$hit?

No expense (to others) is too much to ensure the fistful of dollars earned by the movie & music industries, eh?

Economies of scale, MPIAA & RIAA. Just admit it. You just aren’t that big or important, regardless how many lobbyists you have in Washington & the rest of the world.

At least Deutschland recognises copious stupidity.

Nicely put, Debro :wink: :clap: