ISONews domain ceased by US goverment - mod chip piracy

I just posted the article ISONews domain ceased by US goverment - mod chip piracy.

jef160 and Sentinel_UK used our newssubmit to tell us that ISONews seems to have been taken over by the US goverment. Altough the site seems still to be working for some at this time, others are…

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if you care, i’m redirected. :r … lol, “David Rocci”… doesn’t sound like a “cool pirate’z name” :4

Topic from #isonews: The site is not ‘busted’, it’s a fake DNS entry.

That is what the topic claims indeed, and what I wrote in the article. However the news sites are pretty clear about what happened, and it seems that this DNS hack is done by the DOJ.

DNS hack is a violation of the DMCA. It wasn’t done by the DOJ.

It is quite clear to see that the govenrment would not have the time, energy or resources to explain themselves for hijacking a site this shows that this is a clear attempt to disinform. The language of the site is strange also don’t you think if the site was taken over then wouldn’t they just bounce the dns name to a government anti piracy website… :r

Apparantly the U.S. DOJ goofed on the takeover… read here. I’ve had no problems accessing the site and the forums are still quite active.
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Actually redirects you to the site now…It was still iSONEWS earlier, but currently it’s owned by the DoJ :r

Supposedly still accessable by: Bit easier to remember then the ip.

I hate my country. What right does America have to regulate what goes on the “World Wide” Web. I hate how the American Government thinks they bought and paid for the Internet and can do whatever they want with it. It’s especially bad when people from other countries with totally different laws then us are subjected to follow our rules on the Internet. Leave the net the fuck alone.

I think anybody that values freedom, equality, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness realized how fucked and facist America is and left a long time ago.

The American government has every right to prosecute the owner of isonews if he was selling illegal mod chips. It doesn’t matter if he was using an international medium, the www. This guy lives in Virginia, not another country. If I open up a web site selling crack, I will be prosecuted because I am breaking AMERICAN laws IN AMERICA. This dns takeover has nothing to do with American foreign policy.

crack and mod chips are 2 totally diff things…:stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t see anything wrong with mod chips. If I own the hardware I should be able to do what I want with it. What kind of society do we live in where guns are legal but mod chips are not. They can be used for non-illegal activities like making backup copies. But it’s people like Farad that don’t want us to have mod chips because instead of backing up our software they would rather have us buy a whole new copy. Well guess what, when my next XBox game goes bad, since your such the antimod chip person you are maybe you can buy my replacement disc for me, and you can put your money where your mouth is huh? Oh wait, you probably don’t have any money because you’ve bought all your software three times because you don’t belive in fair use rights? But your right about one thing, it’s not American’s foriegn policy that is the problem here. It’s America’s policy of fucking greed. And of course they can’t mind their own fucking business.

Hey !! farad I’m guessing your not american,if you were you would know that if you ran a site selling crack you’d have no problems PROVIDING you greased the right palms…:7

I only said that if a person is violating US law on US soil, they can be prosecuted. I personally couldn’t care less about mod chips, but thanks for putting words in my mouth, chsbiking :stuck_out_tongue: lol sherrif, excellent point. Maybe I should try the crack idea and see what happens. My progress would make for a great forum thread. :4

Your right, I got carried away. I was a dick, sorry. I wish America didn’t think it controlled the Internet though.

Hey the funny thing is here in australia modchips are completly legal,i can walk in a shop and buy one.

We sure live in a very insane society when mod chips are illegal, but guns are legal. It’s like the US government believes that copying console games is worse than murder!!! That just shows how fucked up the US governemt is!! Are mod chips really illegal, or are they just on the grey market(between legal and illegal)? Even if they are illegal, there will be other countries that they won’t be illegal in. People in the US then can just buy them from other countries. ALso there will always be an underground market for mod chips in countries where they’re illegal. The US government can’t shut down all mod chip makers. They just don’t have the personel to do that. Mod chips will always be around whether it’s in the underground market, or on the legal market.