Isonews closes

I just posted the article Isonews closes….

Andretti used our newssubmit to tell us that IsoNews has been shutdown due to lack of funds for bandwidth.

Here’s what he wrote:

We’ve pleaded with you folks to click the banners. Use the…

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Or maybe reckless expansion is foolish, and growth should reflect economic prosperity.

shut up Temo, this isn’t an economic lesson. Shame about isoNEWS. One thing they should consider, now they’ve shut down and explained why, they should consider re-opening again because people realise the threat of them shutting down is real so they will probably find that if they re-open they will get a lot more people clicking for fear of losing them.

So if we don’t click your banners, you’ll close down? What do we loose? Nothing! All you do is steal news from other sites and repost it as if it were yours.

ever heard what an april joke is? i’m really sure it is one! [i really hope it is one!] if it is no joke can anyone recom me an other newssite?

Hmmm, would it be possible to make some sort of file so when you are using cdfreaks at startpage it auto clik on a banner, because we all want to clik but forgets it when it is the default start page, i hope you will stay on for a looooooong time, your the best :9

U motherfuckin’filthy BSA fuckah… …CDfreaks gives us all the news at one site; so that we don’t need to search all sites on the net. BSA is a BAD NICKNAME too!!! Grtz JP.

1 APRIL :4

If you look at their site you will see that this is not all april fool.

Personally, I clicked on your banners, the prob is that it’s always the same 3 banners rotating… Hemm… gimme more and I’ll click on them… BTW, I love flash banner by webpeppers or how it’s called… too bad I can’t click on dropdown windows with the flash banners run… they overlap the window… :4