iSONEWS back online



I just posted the article iSONEWS back online.

The iSONEWS site is back online with an updated layout. They implemented a nice feature on the site that will inform you about the amount of releases since your last visit .

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WTF does ISO mean?


ISO=International Standardization Organization. CDs (images) are usually made in each burner-program propriatary format or ISO format. ISO enables other programs to use the same image-file


Aha, I see. Thnx a lot. Why don’t those groups have a homepage? I can’t order a thing


EVERYTHING that comes out on can be purchased at



I’m sorry but you’re making a mistake here. I suppose you mean “can be ordered”. Purchasing includes actually RECIEVING cd’s.


Is het ook mogelijk deze iso’s ergens te downloaden of moet je je eerst inschrijven of ergens voor bewijzen?


How to download these iso ?
I’ve try all the site and I haven’t find it


A lot of ISO’s for PC and PSX
can be found at:

This site is almost updated
daily and has the latest stuff

Greetz from Cornholio ~!!~


Ah man I hate FTPs. They’re always full