iSONEWS back in business, new domain and legal actions?

I just posted the article iSONEWS back in business, new domain and legal actions?.

Remember when we reported that the domain had been taken over by the U.S. government? The
popular website, dedicated to publishing information files that are…

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Ive been usin since the orig close-down of isonews:

hmm, so what’s the difference between ? same site? are all three domains linking to the same ip? I still see no point in such a site. it’s much better to use 0day sites, where you get not only the news about the latest releases, but also the appz themselves. might have its right to exist, because it’s better to know the exact names and file sizes of movies before downloading them from irc, but with most appz it’s not necessary, because there are enough sites that post appz or even entire isoz on their pages, and this way you get both - the news and the app itself at the same time :b:)

I don’t see the US Government continuing to take over the even legal. Whad I’d recommend is getting everyone who visits the real iSONEWS to do a DoS attack on the IP of ISONEWS. But then again, I’d say this would be illegal also, as the real iSONEWS team is no longer the owner of the website that has been illegally siezed! :frowning:
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