Isolating soundtrack to DVD



Is there a way to isolate the soundtrack to a DVD so I can burn it to CD?

I have a macintosh G4 computer which has a DVD burner in it.


I guess you’re asking about DVDV right?

If the DVD movie has an isolated music track (example NTSC USA ver. of Rudy) all you do is rip it out that audio into wav, if it doesn’t you can’t. I don’t know why people think a fully compiled DVD has heaps of tracks? It’s not a 16 or 32 or 128 track system, each track is fully mixed just like a CD, except usually it’s lower quality (more like an MP3).

Audio ENG
Audio SPA
Audio -

These are fully mixed tracks, just like a CD you cannot “un-mix” them.


Just use a DVD backup software (DVDbackup, Handbrake) to get the movie to your hd then use WireTap or Audio Hijack to get the audio. Plus with Audio Hijack Pro you can add any VSTs you might have to clean it up or whatever.


Please explain more, give more details, and tell us your hardware and system software setup.


Hardware: Mac dual 1GHz, mirror door drive, 1,25 GB RAM, Superdrive

Operating System OS10.2.8

I run a project recording studio so have little to do with video. Software I use regularly: Logic, Quicktime 6.5


I belive he is asking (correct me if I am wrong) how to rip audio from an already compiled DVDV disc w/o the sound effects and voices and put it on a CD right? That can’t be done unless as I said you have the isolated soundtrack on there.

If you’re asking about a DVDV that you produced, then you have the source codes just mix audio down to CDDA quality 44.1 16 2 channel. This depends on what your project files were made in?

We always use 48 16 wav files for our DVDV and then compress/encode down to AC3 during the mastering process to DLT, so the source codes are always wavs anyway for the music. Some people keep their music tracks seperate (best idea) and some mix them and if you did that…it’s too late, go back to the original source then.