Isohunt sues CRIA

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In a rather odd twist of fate, the peer-to-peer isoHunt web site has launched a lawsuit against the Canadian Record Industry Association (CRIA), seeking a judge to rule that the popular BitTorrent…

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Thats awesome. Our copyright laws are so outdated, I would imagine it would be hard for them to win. They tabled a new copyright bill, but they just called a new election, which means all old legislation that isn’t passed dies. woohoo!

Awesome! I hope they win! The CRIA are a bunch of twits like their cousins south side. We pay taxes on all blank media in Canada which supposedly goes to the artists, therefore it’s legal to share content here in Canada.

The CRIA represents such incredible artists such as Bryan Adams, Anne Murray, and Honeymoon Suite. Wow, I can see why they would be pursuing Isohunt.