ISODISC offering HexaLock CD-RX (copy protectable CD-R)

I just posted the article ISODISC offering HexaLock CD-RX (copy protectable CD-R).

Now Offering HexaLock CD-RX, Copy Protectable
CD-R - July 28,
Basking Ridge, NJ and Omaha, NE July 22, 2004
'“ Hexalock, Ltd., a leader in CD copy protection…

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At least a true copy protected CD system… Let us see how many days this unbreakable copy protected system can stand…

I’ve got some discs and there is no way to make working copy of them!!! I used to make copy Clone CD 4, BlindWrite 4&5 and Alcohol… I’ve tried them in Feb 04, maybe something is changed in burning engines, but I don’t think so…
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this copy protection uses CDR-ROM technology. It can be easely copied with any CD copy program in raw mode.

Even if the protection may be good - who needs this?