has anyone tried Isobuster to copy cd’s? i was wondering if it could copy protected cd’s. thanks.

Isobuster good when you want to extract data out of a damaged (or protected) disc.
It’s no good for copying CD’s.
Cause it cant do it! :slight_smile:

HI, I was woundering weather there is any program that will let you copy cd’s that have a protection on them straight from the cd.

Please tell me soon thanx

if you know anymore can u please e-mail me at

In theory this would be possible with CloneCD. CloneCD can copy on-the-fly, but in case of protected cd’s usually errors are on the protected cd which will slow down the reading… If the reading slows down then the writing also has to slow down… this should be possible with BurnProof! But I think it is still better to create an image from a protected cd before burning.