IsoBuster v0.99.5 Beta 3 released



I just posted the article IsoBuster v0.99.5 Beta 3 released.

Submitted by: Peter

Features :

  • Added *.p01 image-file support (Gear)
  • Enhanced *.nrg support after I noticed there’s a new variant going…
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#2 posted this info earlier yesterday…


ISO BUSTER??? i downloaded an earielr copy of this program… seemed very usefull but i am only a weekend back-up burner and not all that familiar with how to use this type of system… i use CloneCD with a Yamaha 8424ez burner and unfortunately it does not record in DOA mode so i am kinda stuck making alot of coasters if i cant find the NoCD crack for what ever i am burning… can someone post a link to where i might find out how to use this Great looking Program IsoBuster!!! Thanx gent’s