ISOBuster Help



what program do i have to use to trek isobuster so that my cd’s will not be extracted easily?


Welcome to the forum, [I]peleshop[/I]. :smiley:

If I understand it correctly, you’d like to add some kind of protection to self-made audio CDs (talking of ‘extracted’), am I right?

If so, you can check this thread and the references therein, or do a [cdfsearch=tzcopy]search[/cdfsearch] on the forum (“Tzcopy”).
Keep in mind that a relatively experienced user will be able to bypass the protection anyway (there are many powerful copy-protection removal softwares around :wink: )

BTW: next time, instead of reviving an old thread like this one, I suggest to start a brand new one with a more descriptive subject… in this way you’ll probably get more help. :wink:




" to trick " ???