Isobuster convert dat to mpg doesn't work?

hi, have read the backup multiple VCD to DVD guide and various search topics on dvdlab and isobuster… iwan to backup my coolection of VCDs to DVDr

my VCD files are in .DAT so i’ve tried isobuster to “Extract but filter only M2F2 Mpeg frames” but the resulting files are still in .DAT!

nevertheless i tried to proceed the 2nd step using dvdlab… it doesnt “See” .dat files. i tried to change the .dat extension to .mpg and tried with dvdlab again but has errors.

is there a guide on how to prepare .dat in order to be use in dvdlab? purpose is to backup multiple VCD (not svcd) into DVD.

(the guide on videohelp on dvdlab doesnt cover this too)


Get VCDGear (it’s free).
Load the .dat, select DAT -> MPG and hit Start.
The guide (mine) for multiple (S)VCD to dvd (on videohelp) will work for your VCD’s.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask :slight_smile:

oh reboot… :slight_smile: i’ve read your posts too.
in fact, i started of by trying VCDgear first! but somhow it keep saying “RAR compression not selected” or somehting like that and after trying many times, i tried my luck with ISObuster… after 60minutes of trying to get it work, i gave up and write for help.

but somehow!! i tried VCDgear again and now it works!! weird… but i’m not complaining

will proceed from there and see how it goes…


juz an update… have used vcdgear to convert .dat to .mpg for 12 files… wondering if there’s a way to auto transcode for all? las nite i hav to sit there and click everytime it was asked.

moving on to dvdlab… wen i click & drag the .mpa and .mpv to the Working space in the “Movie” window, it says “oh no, error” and have to terminate dvdlab.
was too tired to take a screeny las nite… will try uninstall dvdlab and install dvdlab PRO instead…

update again tonight.

ok… hav uninstalled dvdlab and installed dvdlab PRO and it works. dono why though… both are Trial versions.

reboot, i’m backing up my sitcoms into 1 dvd, after putting 12 episodes onto the “Working Window” in dvdlab as per your guide, can i make/create 12 chapters pointing to the start of each episodes?

i’m kinda confused here… do my 12 episodes is essentially “One” movie or are they “12” movies? coz on my dvdlab left panel under VTS1->Movies i see 12 movies (Movie1 listing down to Movie 12) but i’ve done the "Click on the first part of your movie, drag, and drop on the second part of your movie. Do this again from part 2 to part 3 if necessary. This will make it play as one continuous movie. " from the guide… so does this count as 1 or 12?


Essentially they are 12 movies.
Just make a menu with 12 links, or 3 menus with 4 links (plus links back and forth to the other menus), or however you want to do it.
If the 12 episodes were all in one file, one big mpg, THEN you could use chapters easier.
If you want them to play as one big movie, just join each to the next, then use the “Playlist” function in DLP.
You don’t “drag and drop”. Use the manual linking tool (the + sign on the connections tab).