ISOBuster - cant extract files


I hope someone can help me. I wrote a DVD with MS Vista (backup of files before I reinstalled the PC) and the PC wont read the DVD now, it says there are no files on it. I have looked at the DVD with ISOBuster and I can extract the .tao file and look inside it, and can see the files I backed up but when I extract the files, they never actually get extracted to a directory on the PC. It doesnt give an error, just nothing happens.

Can anyone help, as I need to restore my mothers email asap !!!



What app did you use for backup?
You will have to use the same application for restore, as backup is not exactly the same as copy.


I just did a drag and drop with Windows Vista, no other programs. I actually have got round the problem now. I used ISOBuster to extract the CD to a .tao image file. I then renamed the .tao to a .iso file, and then burnt to DVD with Nero and the new disc was readable.


God it got fixed.
Just small suggestion. Do not use packet writing, that is what Vista did to be able to drag files in, it format the disc and most likely lost reference to it on reinstall.
You are about 4th one this week having problem with packet writing. This stuff is not reliable.