ISOBUSTER, can I burn a CD with it?

I downloaded and stored on my HDD a .cue and .bin file.

I want to use them to burn a cd of the original.

I have ISOBUSTER. It sees and opens my .cue and .bin files.

It looks like it shows all the data that was on the old CD, regardless if it’s the .bin or .cue file that I tell ISOBUSTER to open.

Now I have a list of the files in the .bin folder, but how do I get ISO buster to burn a CD with the information?

I did burn an iso file using NERO to a CD. It seemed complicated though, because I had to change the .iso file to the nero file format and burn that to the CD.

Is there a way to get ISOBUSTER to burn, or do I have to go back to my old NERO and try to get it to do it?

If ISOBUSTER doesn’t bun, what good is it, other to see what,s in the iso, cue/bin files? should be able to burn it. The program is free to use.