Isobuster 3.1 released - many performance improvements



I just posted the article Isobuster 3.1 released - many performance improvements.

Peter van Hove, author of Isobuster has send an e-mail informing us that a new version of Isobuster has been released.

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What’s not in the article & I hate when a software does this.
Unless I’m forced to by really needing too I won’t be updating to 3x version.
Even if you already have a valid license for a 2x version .(Which I have) .
You only get a discount for the new version.
The e-mail I received with the purchase states this:

“This message contains an ID and Key for version 2.0 or higher”.

I have to ask isn’t version 3x higher that version 2.0 x ?
If the answer is yes then I should be able to use the license I have for the newer version for free.
If the answer is no then is 3x an older version than 2.0 x ?
Obviously the answer is “Yes” .
The e-mail with the license may have intended to be only for versions 2x until a 3x came out but this is not what it says.