IsoBuster solves registration issue

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 Most  everyone who visits this site has used this program a  few times I suspect. If you want to take a peek at CD ISO's, or you need  to salvage files from a bad CD or DVD this is a tool...
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A key costs slightly less than mentioned, it’s US$ 25.95 (not 29.95). Admit it, this is really cheap compared to other apps. It’s a bottom price to be able to help out and still make a living (well … this combined with other projects that really buy the food on the table, if only … ). The icons … I loved the Batman theme too, but given the popularity of IsoBuster I simply couldn’t risc getting into conflict with Warner Bros.

Hi thanks for the comment! Yes I thought 29.95 was a even a good deal! I guess I need to get my glasses fixed. :stuck_out_tongue: Of course the corrected price is now shown. I apologise for that!! I hope this story brings your excellent product to the attention of others. Regards, Dan
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