ISO9660 premastering sw capable of unusual logical block sizes?

I’m posting this question here, because it’s a software question. The Optical Storage Technical Discussions seems more ‘close’ in subject matter, but as it’s a hardware-related forum, it seems unsuitable.

I’m looking for software that allows me to ‘fiddle’ with some of the parameters involved in creating an ISO9660 CD image (preferably premastering sw to create an image file, but if it has to burn a real CD, that’s OK, too.) WinXP or Un*x x86 platforms only, please.

The reason is that I want to test ISO-reading software with unusual CD parameters. Creating my own image creating software is an option, but is likely to take more time in debugging than I want to spend on it.

The main parameter I want to fiddle with is the logical block size. Default size is 2048, but I would like to test with minimum of 512 bytes. (Never seen a CD with that LBsize, but still …)

The second parameter is optional: I’d like to get a CD image with two sets of path tables (all I’ve checked so far only have one set). I can live without it, though.

I have not been able to find any such tweakable parameters with Nero 9 or CDIMAGE. And there’s nothing clearly relevant in the man page of mkisofs, but I haven’t gone into source code yet to see if there is a compile-time setting or such.

I’m looking over other ISO9660 premastering tools, but I bet someone here already has an answer.

A possible alternative would be ISO9660 test images.

It’s probably going to be hard to find software that will allow you to do this. Maybe some of the expensive professional versions will. I’d like to know if you find something as this would be interesting to mess with.