Can anyone give me some general info on isos? What are they, how do I make one from a cd, once its on cd then what, etc.?

I just need to know where to find some info.:confused:


Iso’s are a complete image of a cd.
You can create them with winiso or similar programs.
If you’ve created them you can mount them with daemon tools, thus making the cd in reach not necessary anymore.


So if I create an iso, is that a single file?


Originally posted by crowbeer
So if I create an iso, is that a single file?

You can find info on that using our search…it has been explained many times before.

Searching for ISO will yield in many hits though, but if you try different search strings you will definately find a lot of info on ISOs

To answer your latest question:
ISO is one file, a disc image, also referred to as ISO, can be more than one file, depends on which program you use.