I have recently downloaded diablo 2 install and play cd’s in iso format, how do I make them work like normal CD’s thank you in advance and sorry if im repeating myself

Have a look at the forum rules

:bigsmile: you preceeded me this time :bigsmile:

im sorry but could you answer my question please? or give me a link to it :smiley:

No probs :wink:

i am a total newb in these things so I apologise but could you tell me how or show me a thread that will give me the answer?

if you read the link that’s been provided then you wouldn’t be asking this.

so its against the rules ?

Just a curiosity: have you read rules before to subscribe here?

no :confused:

downloading a game? not only is it againt the rules, but also the LAW

Thread closed. Mack41291 read well the forum rules before posting again.