Iso with nero

hi looking for help with nero(enterprise),
trying to make an iso cd,have burned cd image file then burned to cd ,yet all i seem to have done is copied file over,not created an iso cd,have wasted 5 cds so far,can anybody help?

You should use File > Burn Image and then select the .iso file.

I think he needs to be able to create an ISO file from a CD to the HD, then burn it to another disc…this is a big need for myself too.

Nero should be able to handle that task…if not, try here… (scroll down the page a bit)

Its a Powertoy for WinXP that integrates into the shell and uses the MS burning tool in XP to create and burn ISOs.

Install it and it becomes part of Explorer, right click on a CD-ROM drive or ISO file and the options are in the drop-down menu.