ISO will not boot




I have a problem burning ISO disks - they will not boot.

It seems like it’s hit or miss, sometimes a disk I burn will boot sometimes it’s a coaster and my pc skips to a normal hard drive boot.

The ISOs are linux install disks, usually live disks or base install disks. My bios boot order seems setup OK. The Drive is a Lite-On SHW-1635S (tried frimware upgrades). I used SONY CD-R CDs. I use ImgBurn w/the defaults - right click the ISO and choose “Burn using ImgBurn”, I check the MD5Sum of the files - it all checks.

Something is awry or I’m just not doing right?

Any ideas appreciated. Using XP.

Lee G.


Note: After I wrote this post I searched and found:

The review cites poor CD-R performance for this drive which is probably the same one I have - could this be factor?

If so, please recommend a rock solid drive…Thanks


Search the manufacturers forums. There are a few good drives out there. I have not bought a drive in about a year and all of mine are BenQ and Plextor. Pioneer and Samsung have some good ones. Lite has good ones if you get the proper one.


I don’t burn enough cd’s to really know, but one thing about the review. It claimed good burning with some cd’s, but poor compatibility with some media (and terrible cd-rw burning). It might be worth trying a different brand of media before buying another drive (you can always use the new cd’s with the new drive if you do wind up getting one).


you never mentioned what SPEED you burn at? … i would burn no faster than 24x or so… although 16x i think is a safe bet in general :wink:

u got a 1635S, i got a 1673S drive and i have no problems with mine even on cheap generic media. (as far as CD-R’s are concerned)