.iso what do i burn it with?



I am new to the burner world i have an .iso image what program do i use to burn it?


there are severeral burning apps for ISO images some of them are eazy CD creator, Prassi and WinONcd

or you could downmoad this exelent tool at
and mount the image in this virtual CD drive, and use your favorite burning app, do record it

deamon tools still rox big time :cool:


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In CDRWIN, you could create a cue sheet, i am guessing that the sector size is 2048 so, open notepad, copy and paste the 4 lines under this paragraph, change the “[ISO NAME]” to what ever the iso is called. The save the notepad document e.g. cd.cue . It must have the .cue at the end. The simply load CDRWIN, click on record disc, load the cue file and burn. IF however the sector size is 2352, simple change the 2048 to 2352.

TRACK 01 MODE1/2048
INDEX 01 00:00:00
POSTGAP 00:02:00

If you are not sure of the sector size, use a program like IsoBuster or CDmage or even WinISO. All of these will tell you the sector size.

In Nero, FILE->BURN IMAGE then choose the iso u want to burn.

Hope that helps


I would just use Fireburner, fast reliable and free!!!


Its all easy when you know it :cool:


Nero works great as well.


or use discjuggler, iso files are suported by many burning programs


CDRwin should do the job! What you also can do is unpack the ISO using ISObuster, and then burn the files you get with Nero for example!
Make sure you use the correct Volumename cause some CD’s recuire it!!

Happy Burnin’! :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=davino;184250]I am new to the burner world i have an .iso image what program do i use to burn it?[/QUOTE]

burncdcc freeware rest are too much hassle.


What an old thread. These days we all use ImgBurn - excellent, tried and trusted freeware.


It’s not been 20min. and you’ve already resurrected two very old threads…AFAIK IMGBurn is all I need…


imgburn as recommended or burnforfree should burn the image file with no trouble that is if it is a movie or whatever


Agreed Imgburn is the best. :iagree: