ISO w/DVD Shrink Burning

I have been burning dvds for years and recently I built a new system. Long story short. For burning I use dvd shrink , dvdfab5, copytodvd, nero5…Nero stoped working to burn through dvd shrink so i am using copy to dvd. But when I get the option to burn with I keep getting with iso image. I am stomped on how to get rid of this. I have the vso version of copytodvd installed. Any ideas on this?

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It’s not actually very clear what the problem is. Could you please describe it a bit better, and we will see if we can help.

K…when I go to burn you get the drop down menu how do you want burn with copytodvd iso . I use to have nero as option but that went a way. So before it would just say burn with copytodvd without the iso on it and work great. But i burn with the iso and it says it has burnt successsfully and nonething when trying to burn movie. I have started back to basics…format hhd , install one thing at a time and there comes back. When i install copytodvd i uncheck associated iso to see if that helps and it does not. So how can i get rid of the iso and stick with vso form.

K, since your post(s) are still a little unclear, are you trying to burn an ISO,or do you have a VIDEO_TS folder on HDD?
If ISO, then simply use ImgBurn ( yes, takeout copytodvd,out of the mix) in ‘write’ mode…If VIDEO_TS folder, then simply use Imgburn in 'Build mode…It’s not that complicating, since you’ve “been burning dvds for years”…