.iso vs .ccd. vs .mds etc

I recently converted all my cd image formats to .iso in order to conserve space. Was this a mistake? From what i’m gathering, some file types preserve copy protection, while others don’t. Is there one format i should be backing up with? I’ve just been using .iso cause it’s smaller and easier to deal with due to its basically universal format. What’s the skinny on these other file types, and why would I use them?

bad move dude. put simply , each image format has its speciality and limits, like for example what type of data and how much of that data it can contain etc. eg., if you use alcohol 120% to backup game cds you’ll find that you sometimes will not be able to select to save as ISO because the resulting ISO image cannot work for that CD protection. stick with alcohol, stick with its recommended defaults for images creation, use ultraiso to open the images if need be. done :slight_smile:

i’ve noticed that and wondered why i (almost always) can’t select .iso as a format. they are so much smaller tho! ah well, gotta start somewhere, thanks