Curious i’m not much of a computer person and loved using dvd fab because of its ease… but now am kinda stuck lol. With the newer changed verson when I back up my disks to my hard drive I am unable to open them to view…if I burn off a backup disk it seems to work in the dvd player but windows media used to open to view on my computer now the format has changed to iso and vob format… is that a setting on fab I need to change?or do I need a different player on my computer? I downloaded one but can’t just automatically play wants to open a file and it seperates the movie into parts… how can I just run something that I click on title and hit play?

Install a virtual drive program like Virtual Clone Drive and it will automatically mount the ISO file and allow any program that plays DVD to play it. Or you can play it in VLC Media Player which natively supports ISO files.

so is it normal that it switched to this new format or is there a place within dvd fab I can change what type a file it saves as?

Are you playing from disc or file?
Windows media player isn’t that good for playing dvd files although it can do that.

There are several good free media players that you can choose from for playing files.
You can cue up the dvd file by navigating to the ifo file.
VLC and Potplayer are well known players.
I use Potplayer in a portable form.

I wonder if Ashley’s now using Win8? If so, THAT is the change - not DVD Fab (which, yes, has cosmetic changes).

Win8 no longer includes a DVD-player (“Windows Media Player”)- you must pay Steve Ballmer extra for that.

Or you can download the free media players. Some folks use the free VLC (VideoLan).

One other question for Ashley - you wrote that the format changed and you’re getting “iso AND vob” from DVD FAB DECRYPTER (I assume version 9).

Are you get a single .ISO file OR are you getting the DVD-FileSet - IFOs, BUPs and VOBs? I always “write to DVD Folder” and get this DVD-FileSet, so I’m wondering if you get one OR the other?