ISO, UDF, Joliet

I’ve searched all over the net (including this forum) for this but cannot find satisfactory information. Documentation for programs like Nero, Easy CD Creator or Plextor Professional have just a brief description of the standards.

I am confused about the different standards, and understands that there is 2 different standards (with multiple versions) ISO and UDF.

  1. UDF used to be packet writing but is now used to burn regular DVD-+R’s? There is also like 4-5 different versions… which one is supported on DVD players that play DIVX files (i.e. Phillips DVP642)

  2. ISO/UDF bridge applies both format’s to the disc, but how does the filenames resolve? I believe the max for ISO level 2 is 31 character in filename… UDF I believe has longer filenames

  3. How does Joliet fit into this whole picture? Now, Joliet supports up to 64 characters (in some cases more) in filenames. It seems like I can select both ISO/UDF and Joliet at the same time. How would the filenames resolve now?

Anyone, can help out. That would me much appreciated.

-lee siu lung