ISO Transfer problem

Any idea or tips on what my problem could be would be great!!!..
I have an ISO file on a hard drive that i can not burn using ImgBurn to convert to a playable ps2 game backup on that computer because the recorder is only a DVD+RW drive and my medium is to a DVD-R.
I couldn’t figure out how to get it to my other computer that has the DVD±RW because it was about 7.4gig. I tried to copy the ISO as a data file to a crap DVD+RW disk to take to my other computer to write into ImgBurn and create the backup disk. Copied fine as a data disk and also completed the ISO write no problem. I put into my ps2 to make sure it played okay and it started the load and then a black screen appread that said something like “The Disk Can not be Played” error.
Okay, so anybody come accross this and what else could be done or what am i not doing right?

If you have a large flash drive you can put it on that & transfer.Or an external HD will also do the transfer.
You would have to put 7.4GB on a dual layer disc anyway.

I’m sorry but there is no way to burn 7.4 gig on a SL DVD RW. The easiest thing to do is recreate the iso from source on the computer you want to burn from. How old is the computer that you say won’t burn DVD-R? Any DVD burner made within the last several years can burn both + and - DVD and as Cholla pointed out, for 7.4 gig you’re going to need a dual layer disk (DL).

The computer i was using that has my ISO file on is about 7 years old and has a DVD to watch movies or load up cd’s and then another drive for recording that is only a DVD+RW. I do have the dual layer disks that i have been using for the larger game file backups. Yeah, it was weird… didn’t even think about it until now that it let me fit that large iso on a regular SL DVD+RW disk. hmmmmm… strange. I guess i will go try it again with the DL DVD disk i have (verbatim of course) and see if i can just burn the DVD+RW DL with that ISO writing with ImgBurn from that CPU. I just thought that the PS2 wouldn’t read a disk if it was written/burned on a drive that was +RW… only a +/- writer… like most are nowadays.
or… just get a new DVD-recorder in that dang computer :slight_smile:

ImgBurn will list your drives capabilities.It will tell you if you can burn DL discs.
Even if you can burn +R or -R DL you probably can’t burn +RW DL.

Don’t waste a Verb, check to see if the drive can even burn DL discs first. Personally I would just recreate the ISO on your other PC from the original disc using Imgburn. I would say this is the easiest way to do it rather than trying to get the ISO from one machine to another.