.iso too big too fit on a cd please help

Hi i am new to this, i tried searching the forums but all i get is info about movie .iso files. i need help with a game .iso

here is a problem, i have an .iso file of a PC game that i am trying to record to a cd the .iso file is 703mb, Nero reports that a file is too big to fit on a cd.

please help, what do i do to fit it on a 700mb cd-r which programs can help me out?

thanks alot

Use Nero. However, you have to overburn the disc.
Go to (in Nero):

File > Preferences > Expert Features

Check the box “Enable Overburn” and make sure the setting reads 90 minutes. Try burning again. :smiley:

hey thanks alot, it worked :slight_smile:

appreciate it