ISO too big for disk

You’ve probebly seen this question a load of times before but I’ve looked through other threads and found nothing.

I have an ISO file which is 707MB. I would like this to be recorded to CD but Nero and Alcohol 120% say the media isn’t large enough. I have also tried to use overburning but I get an error (On Nero it says 'Invalid field in parameter, could not perform disk at once, burn process faliled). I cannot get/make the ISO file again and do not know what mode or whatever it was recorded with. It also comes with no bin/cue files.

Anyone got any ideas?


more info. is the iso a bootable cd image, is it common ol’ data, video data, game backup etc. you could open the iso in winiso, delete any files/folders you wont need and save iso. this will all depend on what type of data the image is

the cd is not bootable but autoruns. It is a setup program to install an application to help you play guitar. I thought about deleting some of the files when I open the iso with WinRAR but theres nothing that the image doesn’t need as far as I know!


you can extract all files and folders from the iso to any folder, run the setup or autorun/setup to install the program. then just rar up that folder and burn it as data, , , if you need the program to be portable

if your burner support 90 our 99 min cds , just get one.

isn’t there another way I can do it? I know theres about another 100MB on top of the 700MB disk for error correction, could I somehow use the space for data instead of error correction?

you can overburn the cd , if your drive support the overburning function.

Well that’s exactly what overburning is - using that extra space instead of data correction.