I would like to know if its possible to convert an ISO to a VCD?
I have a training video the ISO which I can watch on my computer bit I would like to do a copy as a VCD to watch on my DVD player.

Thanks for any help.

ISO is an image of a CD or DVD, you have to burn it to the correct media. Use Nero

If the ISO was made from a DVD, then you have to use your virtual drive and DVD Shrink and re-author it to be small enough to fit on a CD that is if you don’t have a DVD writer.

I have burned the ISO to a CD with WinIso and I can play it on the computer but that does not play in my DVD player.
So what I am after is converting the ISO to a VCD.

  1. Mount the .ISO in Daemon Tools
  2. Use VCDEasy on the mounted image to extract the AVESEQXX.DAT file(s) and convert it to .MPG
  3. Use VCDEasy to create a new VCD using the extracted file(s), and create a BIN/CUE image.
  4. Burn the BIN/CUE with Nero or similar and you should have a working VCD

For some reason VCD produced with the .ISO format do not seem to be compatable with DVD or VCD players.

hi i got a bin file that i wanna burn on vcd so i can watche on tele but i dont know how
i’ve been downloading some movies and they bin files but with cue file that takes me to nero and i burn it then no problem
can you please explain to me what to do please or how to make a cue file for the bin file thank you