ISO to files -not CD!

I downloaded a 217 meg file. I unpacked it and it became a 450 meg ISO file. Now I understand that that means it is an image-(I guess this means that it is sort of compressed or something for bandwidth reduction). I can have NTI CD burner burn it to a CD, but I want to install the software in it, not pack it away to a CD. I can’t figure out how to turn a ISO image into a collection of files. Do I need some specail software for this?
thanks for your interest.

If this is warez then rules stat that it cant be discussed.

If though it isn’t then I think you need CDRWin to turn your ISO into something that you can read and burn.

Winrar can easily unpack an .iso file.

An ISO file (as discussed many times on this forum) can easily be burnt onto CD by Nero, Easy CD Creator or almost any other burning program, since ISO is a standard.

You have to select ‘Burn image’ in your options, then select the ISO file and it should burn the image file onto CD in such a way that you have all the files in it shown in a directory listing.

Another possibility is that you can unpack it with WinISO or ISOBuster…both programs are discussed here frequently.