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do you know what software make image’s files .fcd?

Used the search for you:


BurnDrive supports RAW DAO, RAW SAO+SUB, RAW SAO, SAO write mode, So you can make backup CDs of your copy-protected CDs! (Can copy Safedisc, Securom and Laserlock protections)

Copy CD to CD Directly (You can also read and then write)

Write from CD image files (Supports various CD image file formats: ccd, cue, iso, fcd, vcd,
mp3, wav, and m3u)(! Copy protected information retrived only in CCD format)

Read CD to CD image file (File format: CCD)

Write mp3s onto Audio CD directly without converting to WAV format

Erase RW Media

Eject and load the tray with right click (Intelligent Eject/Load function)

Show the Session-Track structure of CD and CD image files

Read CD Text information and show the album title and name of the songs

BurnDrive offers more visual, simple and user-oriented interface to you. You can imagine where the data comes from and where to goes.

*.fcd file is image from the original CD.

You need certain application for burning cd (like cd duplicate <- this is korean software so if you understand you could use it.)

or download Virtual cd-rom, which is similiar to deamon tool… but this one will support .fcd files… (there are two software, one is for *.vcd and the other is for *.fcd)

you need to search in google (sorry I forgot where i got that from…)