Iso size: too big?

Hi there friends,

I got a .bin which size is approx. 725mb and am confused what to do…
my burner (a LG CED-8120b) can do 80min CDs (700mb, right?), but how about those extra mbs?

Is there a way to do it? This is my first burn above 650mb, so i need a hand and couldnt find the answer till now…

Thx in adv,

Well assuming the bin is a video file it has it’s own error correction so all you need is to burn the file with NERO.

CD-R’s are actually 798 MB with about 100 MB for error correction when burning straight data disc. A bin however that contains a video file doesn’t need the extra error correction so it can use the extra space.


you guys were right, of course…

next time ill first try to SIMULATE the burn on nero first before asking dumb questions…:o

thx a million!!!