Iso running problems!

Ok so say i got my hands on a 1.9Gb file which is Battlefield 2 and is an iso file which a have tried to run and it is persistantly not wanting to. i tried the whole burn it to a cd with nero but that didnt work, i tried to split it with the hj thingy and it split into 3 nice iso files and i tried to burn each one of those but it didnt work. so i tried daemon tools as a virtual drive and it opens up the start screen which has the option for playing battlefield etc (i have installed the game ok) but whenever i select the “play battlefield 2” option it asks for the cd 1 to be inserted. please try to help! and please ask questions if it will help to solve this. thank you all!= )

So assuming you were making a backup of your battlefield 2 DVD … and made an image of it … I’d assume you would need Daemontools with copy protection emulation on.

Otherwise - Read the forum rules.