ISO question

im new, please excuse this question if it seems utterly stupid.

I made an image file from an audio cd and it was 735 megs(72 min). Is it possible to burn that onto an 80min(700mb) or 74min(650) cd? Does the file size rule apply with audio too and vice versa?

Thanks in advance

No probs at all to burn that one on a 74 min cd

Little advice, when it comes to burning AUDIO go by how much time is on the cd, ignore how much MB it takes up. As long as your still withing the 74/80 minute range, it doesn’t matter whether or not the ISO is 700+ Megs. Now, for DATA, do the opposite, ignore the time and follow how much MB you have left. Happy Burning

a 74 min cd can hold 333000 sectors. The sectorsize for audio is 2352 bytes, for data the sectorsize is 2048. So a 74 min cd can hold 746.93 MB audio or 650.39 MB data. Multiply by 80/74 for 80 min cd’s.
Hope this helps…

Now lets not confuse the unexperienced…

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