ISO Problems

Hello, I have several ISO files that i have made from backup’s over time, and i want to burn them to a single standard DVD. But i want to merge the ISO’s, so in effect i want to burn multiple ISO’s.

The software i use is Nero (Burning Rom).

Also if it involves mounting the ISO’s onto virtual drive’s, could you please try to do a step by step process as i really dont understand it all.

Thank You.

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You may want to check out DVDFab Platinum it as a new feature called “Merge” a great addition to the all in one software it will do what you want, the default burning engine is the pcouffin from VSO BUT you have the option of using the Nero burning ROM if you like you would have to make the change in common settings to use Nero.
It is not free though but it does have a 30 day trial so you can check it out to see if you like the program there are other settings that you can make changes to to insure a good quality burn and improve the quality during playback, if you want you can check out their website at

PS…Hope this helps you out

Try to use write ISO function of DVd Decrypter or use ImagBurn both programs are free.

Do DVd Decrypter or ImagBurn let you and multiple ISO Files to the disc :confused: like he wants to do :confused:


Hiya, Thanks for the info StormJumper and TCAS.

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Great, thank’s a bunch :cool:

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Glad to hear if your problem being resolved.