ISO Problem


I dowloaded an iso file which is splitted into two parts, the extension of these files is .001 and .002!
How can I merge, convert these files in order to burn it??

:confused: :confused: :confused:


use Winace or Winrar to unpack these files and then you will get 2 files, a .bin and a .Cue file, u can burn these using Cdrwin.

most likely Winace or Winrar

Possibly HJSplit

When you use WinRAR of WinACE, you will get files like:


  • *.rar
  • *.r00
  • *.r01
  • …[/ul]



  • *.ace
  • *.c00
  • *.c01
  • …[/ul]

So are you sure you have downloaded all files?

Winace often comes with 001 extensions too, without any letter attached to it…