Iso problem

right im trying to back up a xbox game im using craxtion to create the iso the problem is when ive done it and burned it using nero the xbox still wont play it, something i have noticed is when ive created the iso, the iso comes up as a rar file (compressed) so i dont know if the computer is recognising it and when i click on it i cant open it up any help is appreciated as its now driving me mad i have read loads of tutorials and still no joy

I don’t know what is the problem with the ISO, but I can give a clue why it comes up as a RAR file - when you install WinRAR, it can make iso files associated with it (you can open iso files by double clicking with WinRAR and you can extract the files inside). It is still a normal ISO though, despite the fact that the icon is like a .RAR file.
My guess would be that the game has some protection, but as I am not very in on games… I cannot be sure.