ISO playback glitches



I have the latest version of DVD Fab and have been ripping my collection to ISO format for some time since the early version 5 came out.

Here are my system specs:

[li]P4-3.2 GHz w/ HT
[/li][li]2 GB RAM
[/li][li]320GB Seagate SATA (C: OS Partition)
[/li][li]80GB WD Raptor SATA 10K RPM (D: Data)
[/li][li]NEC 3550D DVD Rom
[/li][li]Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 3850 AGP Video
I use XBMC for playback on various televisions. The problem I’m seeing is intermittent pixelating (sp?). If a particular ISO has the issue, I’ve only noticed it once or twice at most in any one movie and any given glitch always happens in the same place on that movie, regardless of what system I’m playing it back on until I re-rip it. Sometimes it will re-rip clean and other times the glitch will happen in a different spot for that movie. It is very intermittent.

It is not a huge deal as any given glitch lasts only a fraction of a second and so far hasn’t been severe enough to halt or freeze playback. The purist in me is just annoyed enough that I’d like to figure out what is causing it. My collection is getting large enough that re-ripping will take a very long time and it is difficult to check for the pixelating issue since I must watch every second of every movie intently to catch them.


[li]Is there a way to verify the integrity of an ISO image?
[/li][li]If not, would there be a way to add that capaibilty? Create checksums at the critical and verifiable points in the ripping process, etc.
[/li][li]What could cause this issue?
[/li][li]Any suggestions on how to work around it so I don’t have to waste time re-ripping?
[/li][li]If the system is busy during a rip, would this cause a glitch?



There are two things you didn’t mention in your post:

1.) What media are you using?

2.) What speed are you doing the write at?

Please advise.