ISO pc game copy won't run

Hi there,
I’ve got the whole collection of sims (every expansion and stuff pack) and I recently got a laptop. I anstalled all the sims but I’m going to be on the move alot and can’t take the disk with me. I then wanted to back up the disk and either copy it or preferrably be able to play it without a disk. This is only for backup purposes.
I tried downloading a no CD crack from but when I tried to open the sims it told me that I didn’t have a compatible version of Direct.X (this message does no come up when I load the game with my original sims disk). I moved on to creating an .iso image of the disk and burning it onto another CD. The CD is now installed on my laptop, but when I try to load it (by clicking on the CD icon in my computer or clicking on the deskot icon or opening program files) nothing happens.
What am I doing wrong? I’ve looked at so many forums with people having similar problems but the advice they give never works for me.
Hope you can help.

If you haven’t already done so, try searching our Copy Protections forum for “Sims”:

Otherwise, you could try GameJackal: it’s payware but there’s a month’s free trial.

[quote=ylime111211;2220481]…I tried downloading a no CD crack from …[/quote]Unfortunately we cannot discuss programs like this, so please don’t mention it again.

THanks for your help, I’ll try using the freetrial of the Jackle program and I hope that works. The only problem is that now, when I put it my original disk of sims, it won’t load either. It looks like its about to start up (with the little screen saying play) but then nothing happens. I hope I haven’t stuffed up my system or anything.

Try a registry cleaner (eg CCleaner) and have another go. You may also now like to scan for viruses, since cracks and warez sometimes have a special free gift attached.

I think I may have sorted it out. My whole EA Games folder was missing so that was why the original game wasn’t loading at all. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled and now im seeing if my iso. will work. I’ll post back when I find out.
Thanks for your advice!