ISO or UDF for creating Data DVDs?

Which format should I use for creating Data DVDs? I know that DVD Video uses UDF format, but what’s the default/preffered format for Data DVDs?

I want to know about DVD-ROM (ISO/UDF) format. Is this have qualities of both ISO and UDF?

And some explaination for follwing options would be useful

  • “UDF Partition Type”
  • “File System Version”
  • "Force DVD-Video compatibility mode (required for Xbox TM)

still waiting for reply :frowning:

I don’t know what is the best, but usually for data I use ISO format.

To burn a DVD with a ROM booktype first of all you need a burner able to change booktype (liteon, benq, plextor are some examples), and must use a +R (plus) disc, because bitsetting is not possible with -R (dash) media.

Burning a disc with ROM booktype is useful only to increase the compatibility of a DVD (usually video) with older standalone DVD players, not to increase quality.

Quality of a burn depends largely on the combination burner/firmware/media used. To know what is the best for your burner the only way is experimenting with the media available in your country (for example I’ve never found a pastel verbatim DVD in my area). The ROM booktype don’t influence the quality of a burn.

Hope this can help

I suggest you search these forums, this question has been asked a number of times. Overall, it would seem that UDF format is less reliable than ISO format. Since data integrity is normally of paramount inmportance, then use ISO. Also ISO disks can be read by virtually any PC with virtually any reasonably modern version of windows.

If you need to put files larger than 2GB on a DVD, then you have to use the UDF filesystem instead of ISO filesystem.

Thanks for the replies. I’ll use ISO for data DVDs.