ISO or file mode?

I have always ripped with Decrypter in file mode. Is there a benefit to doing it as an iso? Especially when having to use Shrink on the ones I dont just pull the movie file on.

i think theres a thread in the newbie forum about this, try and search for it.

Im not a newbie at it, I just wanted some different points of view on it.

For what I know the only usefulness of ripping in ISO format is when you plan to burn a dual layer disc, because DVD Decrypter put in the correct place the layer break.

If you plan to shrink to fit a single layer disc, file or iso haven’t any difference except that a huge ISO file require NTFS partitions.

Thanks for this simple explanation. I remember asking this same question 3 years ago when I was clueless and now I know the answer.

i prefer ISOs. they’re easier to organize if you need to store some on your system and I often use my computer to watch movies. you can just mount them on a virtual drive and you’re good to go.

when it comes down to it (aside from DL burning with decrypter and needing the iso and mds files) I don’t think i tmatters at all.

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You’re welcome :bigsmile:

DVD Decrypter actually offers file splitting in its settings when ripping an ISO. :slight_smile:

Why would a huge ISO require NTFS partitions? Or is there geared toward people still using FAT32? I have 4 400gig drives so space isnt an issue.

Thanks to all, these answers are what I was looking for!

Fat32 has an upper file size limit of 4gb, and most commercial video DVDs are larger than that.

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More pros and cons here.