ISO or FILE mode with dvddecrypter

Sorry if this is a basic question :confused: , i have read numerous posts but cant find the answer. If i rip a dvd to my h.d with dvddecrypter should i use file mode or iso mode and what is the difference. I also see references to “mounting” iso copies on the h.d…what does this mean. :slight_smile:

If u choose file mode, then all the contents will be copied as they appear on the DVD. On the otherhand ISO option allows u to make an image of your DVD. You can use a virtual drive to mount that image. (search 4 Daeman Tools)
If the DVD is bigger than 4 GB, then use ISO option only if the file system is NTFS, coz FAT32 doesn’t support files greater than 4 GB

Which is the larger in terms of file size, the DVD file or the ISO image, or are they equal?

The iso image is the file packed in a image…
The other file lies then in Video_TS & Audio_TS easier to use in authoring tools…

File size should be the same…

Sorry to labour a point, but if i backup a dvd as an “iso image” AND then as a “file” what will be the difference between the two backups. i.e. i don’t understand the significance or definition of an “image”. :confused:

An image is like a dvd on the disc. You can insert into a virtual drive. You cannot access single files without a virtual drive or tools like isobuster.

If you simply do a file copy you have the singles files on your hd.

The iso image should be bigger as usually additional information about the dvd is stored.

many thanks for the info