I sure hope I am posting in the right forum, excuse me if I am not :slight_smile:

Here’s the thing:

I want to make a backup of all my game CDs by making CD IMAGES and burning them onto DVDs. This will save me a LOT of space, but I have one thing left to decide: to use BIN/CUE or ISO format (or something else)? My main intention is to make the long-term backup of files that can be easily used even in 50 years from now :smiley:

Does anyone know any real difference between the two? Seems to me like BIN/CUE take more space than the actual CD size (maybe it’s some kind of extra security or whatever) but if it’s nothing grand I’d rather use ISO files to save even more space on the disks.

What should I do?


Are you planning on burning them back to CD-R’s or are you going to mount them right from the DVD-R?

What software are you using to image/backup the games? Are the games copy protected?

If they are, you may want to an image format that’s more native to Blindwrite, CloneCD, or Alcohol 120% and then throw a setup of the version you used onto the DVD-R also. The native formats of these three programs save alot of extra information that may be needed for a backup to work correctly.

If they are not copy protected, then I’d just stick with the ISO format. The CUE/BIN format has been dying very slowly for a long time. Its just a matter of time, in my opinion. Plus, not every cd burning software supports it (still).