ISO of a copy-protected software-DVD

Hi all,

There are tuts everywhere explaining how to burn copy-protected DVD movies, but I haven’t seen any tut on copying protected software-DVDs yet.

I usually copy my games to not scratch the original, and since future games are being released on DVD (e.g. special edition of hl2), is there any way to make an ISO of these software-DVDs?

I mean, most of them are copy-protected like CD-rom s as well.
Is there any Program that allows me to make working ISOs of a software-DVD then?
(I dont have a DVD burner, so na ISO would be good to split up in many files so i can burn them on several CDs)

Have you tried using DVD Decrypter?
Not sure if it will work, but try ripping in ISO mode.

What type of protection are you up against? You have to know what you are fighting to beat it.

Well thats exactly what I dont know yet. Probably a new one, I’m trying to get ready for hl2 which is gonna come out pretty soon. You know, great would be some kind of universal program, such as cloneCD once was for CD-roms, which can override more or less every copy-protection. AFAIK CloneDVD is only good for ripping DVD movies.

I recon the game is gonna have some newer DVD protection, I don’t know which.