ISO Numpty

Hello CD Freaks!

Am new to forums and this is my first ever post. So hello again!

Today I set up an old P4 2ghz PC to use as a games PC attached to a plasma tv, 37’ of niceness. What I wanted to do was create an ISO image of the original games disc (done successfully using PowerISO), save the image on my PC and then install from image and play from image. Thereafter I thought I need never access the dvd-rom drive again to play my game. I successfully installed the game from the ISO image but it always asks for the original disc to play it.

Question - What is the best way to install a game onto a PC were I need not insert the original disc each time I want to play the game?

Welcome gumtree,

an ISO image won’t work in most cases. You should use CloneCD’s native format and it depends on the used protection if you’re able to create a working image. So I would sugggest find out the used protection using a protection scanner and use the search function for example with the game title as keyword/s to take a look if this problem has already been discussed and a solution has been found. Good start is here and at first it all may look a bit complicated but in my opinion it’s quite easy if you follow the instructions carefully, good luck.

p.s. PowerISO won’t be much help here.