.iso movie burning problem DVR-111D

I have the MSI P965 Platinum board, with the JMicron JMB36X IDE controller.
I have 2 DVR-111D drives connected. I have a problem burning DVD movie iso’s on both drives (TDB 1.29 firmware). Regardless of the size of the .iso (between 3000 and 4489MB), ANY 16X DVD-R media I use fails to verify at the end of the data :frowning: I’m burning with nero

I’ve tried numerous media types, and different JMicron drivers. The problem doesn’t seem to happen on data compilation discs - only .iso files. It does happen on both separate burners though.

Anyone know how I can fix this ? Nero logs can be seen here.


Really hope someone can help - I already changed from Liteon SHM-165P6S because of an audio CD ripping bug. I just want to burn dvds - I’ve never encountered so much grief !!

Your DMA is off.

Not necessarily.

Nero can only really detect the true status when std atapi drivers are in use.

There have been some issues raised about these JMicron IDE Controllers elsewhere on the forum.

A search on jraid or jmicron may come up with some answers.

Very true TlmC !
jmicron + atapi

Probably this thread could be helpful where the advice is to upgrade the jmicron drivers

As a side note, if nothing is cured, a Promise non Raid PCI-IDE board may help replacing the jmicron.

Get rid of the image drives.

How does this fit together? You only rip CDDA and burn DVDs?!?!? :bigsmile:

Using a better controller, even by putting a cheap ide controller in, would be the easiest choice.

You could maybe try using ImgBurn, a free program:


Worth a shot. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for the advice on Imgburn. That was precisely the next question I was going to ask.

More news just in : this is 100% a DVD-R problem, regardless of speed or brand. It NEVER happens on DVD+R, and ALWAYS on DVD-R. For me this boils down to firmware or Nero. I will try and rule out Nero with the imageburn program.

thanks again everyone


If it were a firmware problem, others must have had that problem too…

But I think its maybe related to software…

IMGburn works fine. Grrrr. Well, I can live with that.