ISO Mounting Issues, help plz!



I backup alot of my ISOs onto DVD and so when an ISO is mounted in either Alcohol or DaemonToolz and i remove the DVD from the drive which is common as multiple people use this PC an error pops up saying the disk cannot be read, and no amount of button clicking seems to solve this problem and eventually the DVD has to be put back in or the PC reset (which is the more common resolution if im not the one on the PC). Rather annoyingly, while this message is active the Alcohol GUI wont load so it seems impossible to unmount the ISO. Just wondering if it was possible to set up a shortcut or something that can unmount all ISOs so this message goes away? thanks


Not sure why you say “remove DVD from drive”. The ISO is normally mounted from the hard drive, and actually this is one of the strengths of these tools. And I am not sure why you have ISO files on DVD, as normally you burn the DVD in it’s native format not the individual ISO files. And of course if you remove the media with the mounted ISO files, the tools will have errors, as they cannot find the target.

In Daemon Tools, you can click (regular left click) on the icon in the systray, and you see 2 lines, the first is unmount all drives.