ISO level 1 or 2?

Should I use ISO level 1 or 2 when I burn my cds and dvds? I use joliet so would it be better to use ISO level 1 or what?


Use level one (the eight-dot-three, 11 characters max) if you need to access the disc on a machine using DOS or win 3.11 (mabey win95 too, i’m not sure)

If accessing the disc on an older os is not needed, then level 2 would allow the use of long file names - up to 31 characters, in the case that system isn’t capable of reading joliet.

Anyone, feel free to correct me if I am wrong, or add any technical details.

-good luck

Level 1 with Joliet is a good safe option - not sure everything likes level 2.

Win95 has no 8.3 limitation.

Well with windows xp, I can read discs that have been burned CD Mate, I forget the name of the filesystem but it supports 255 charachters and they read fine in XP. So if you’re just going to use xp, you can pretty much burn it however you want to.